Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The beginning of a dream

Eieio Photography:
Capture a glimpse of magic a child possesses...
Hold in your hand...
Share it...

I am so excited to start in this journey. I have always loved photography. I went to school for Journalism and I have a degree. But my plans never quite fit in with my aspirations of motherhood.

Now, I am a mom! Photography just kind of goes hand in hand.

I can not wait to see if I can grow this dream. I feel so blessed so far in life.

So you get to watch from the beginning!!

1. Build a portfolio
2. Raise Money for a camera! ( a nicer one)
3. Make a Business Plan
4. Take some classes on lighting and so forth as a refresher
5. Build a website
6. Marketing
7. Shadow some photographer friends
8. Ready, Set, Go...


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