Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The buisness side

So I have been practicing shooting, scheduling families...
I am now working on my buisness plan. I can to "branding" and "logo" and hence the name of my buisness...hmmmm
Do we like E-I-E-I-O Photography?

Here is what I want: Whimsical, Memorable, Child related, Funky, Fun
BUT I also want sophistication, professional, and modern....Am I on the right track?

My view: Naming my buisness with just my name, as so many photographers do, I think it gets lost in the shuffle? Why would you remember my name? It is pretty boring. So far I have had 3 people contact me because they remembered my name!

Now, a logo that goes with it? another hmmmm... Someone made a really cute one for me with a cow...although super cute, I don't think it falls under the description of sophistacated or modern. So I am back at just the name in a cute font and color (which I am using now so that people know the name).



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