Friday, December 5, 2008

E I E I O Weddings for FREE

I am really excited! I added weddings to my website and started taking meetings for the upcoming 2009 season about a month ago. I have already booked 3 and I have 3 others making their decisions!

So why am I posting about this? Just to brag?

Kinda, no, but really the reason why is I want some practice!

I have contacted some more seasoned photographers and a couple have offered to let me 2nd shoot with them. So far I will not be 2nd shooting until March. I would really like some images for my portfolio and to get my feet wet before then.

Drum Roll......

I will do your WINTER wedding for FREE!
I will take photos at your wedding and give your images on disk.
That is it really. No charges. Just me, no 2nd shooter.

I want to do 2 weddings this winter. So I will take 2 for free.

Send me an email and we can talk about your day.

I realize most people have a photographer at this point. But maybe I can help somebody out who wasn't going to have one, one fell through, or are very late in planning.

Also you must realize, I am offering this for free because you will be my 1st and 2nd wedding. It may not be perfect. I HOPE it will be. I have some great ideas and inspirations. I am so excite to get started I just can't wait until the spring!!


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