Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Newborn Photography, Rochester, NY Photographer

I will take this oppurtunity to give some tips on Newborn photography!

The best time to photograph a newborn is around 2 weeks or just before. That way they are nice and sleepy and easy to pose. When you get home from the hospital give me a call or an email that your arrival is home. I like to leave room in my schedule for add on sessions.

It is good to have the environment you are in (your home or mine) a couple degrees warmer then usual. A lot of the photos are of them in their birthday suit or just a diaper. We want them snug,warm and toasty.

A newborn session is usually a little longer then a normal session. I leave time for feedings, grumpiness and just cuddling with momma. Usually around 2 hours.

Finally, before I arrive. See if you can find:
Your favorite blankets and even some that may not be baby, but just pretty fabric.
A nice big, bright window
Something unique in your home? A cool chair, table, nook where we can swaddle the baby and display him brand new!

As promised some more of my friend Micah...


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