Friday, May 8, 2009

Green \ Rochester NY Photographer

Like going green and wow it got green?!

I was inspired by Oprah the other day(which honestly I hadn't been in awhile, but I think she is getting better, or I am actually trying to watch her once in awhile.)

My problem is usually, so what if you don't live in trendy San Diego? Can you still do all that cool stuff to try and save the environment?

I am on a mission!
I will tell you what I know you can in the Rochester area:

Buy less packaging-
  • Grow your own vegetables (I already have mine started!)
  • Shop at the Public Market (Thursdays and Saturdays). ---You will save big $$$ and be inspired every time you are there by the sights you see.There are some really cool restaurants, they have a giant garage sale. If you haven't been you really need to.I can't wait to bring my camera next time!
  • Buy some of those reusable bags!! If you don't have any, you MUST be living under a rock! They are everywhere and ridiculously cheap. I got mine at Aldi's for under 2$ a piece and they are huge!! I have 3 and that fits all my weekly groceries (and I even bring them on shoots with me to carry all my gear and props).--they also sell them at Wegmans, Target, and Walmart.
  • Pack a lunch, and use reusable things! (This part was something that I really want to try, I don't go anywhere, but my husband packs his lunch and I pack a snack for my daughter for preschool). I think I may actually try and make a couple little sacks for pretzels I will post a photo when I do!(or if). But what else could we use?--I found some on Etsy!!
  • Stop it already with the bottled water! Buy one of those fun bottles (they have them at wegmans). Plus I can't stand spending money on water? (and don't).

Some really great resources in Rochester: reuse, buy used, sell instead of throwing out, or just plan give it away!! people list things for FREE and you just arrange to pick them up! (again, Rock thing, are you under one?) -sell things, buy things...lots of toys and clothing items.

Garage sale season is almost here! I can't wait to have mine. I have a garage full of stuff ready for new owners!!!

What am I personally going to do, since I act here like I do all this stuff already...
-recycle everything (I admit it, I get lazy)
-buy a couple power strips that power down and a programmable thermostat. (no worries for the summer, I don't have AC...feel bad for me!)
-buy used.

If you made it this far yay!

Finally, some scenes of Spring in Rochester. It got green fast didn't it? Some truly beautiful sights around that I just didn't have time to get, but here are some right in my back yard that I couldn't pass up.


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