Monday, October 26, 2009

Proud / Rochester NY Family Portraits

I have photographed a lot of families now.
Yes, I am always thinking of new ways to pose people, fun new backgrounds....
But as I always say, my favorite captures are the ones when they are situating themselves or calming down a baby who may be close to having enough of the session.
I was so excited to meet Becky.
So excited I called Nate Daddy the whole session, his name just would not come to me!
Until the next session started and I was saying, "that was Becky and Nate...aaah, there it is".
Anyway, I am pretty sure Nate knew I was having trouble remembering his name,
I hate stuff like that!
I remember you Nate for sure, just not your name.

Back from my tangent:
Nate is as proud as they come.
It isn't that he brags or anything.
But it is just in the way he looks at Becky and Luke.
It is very clear.
He is so proud of Luke and so in love.
Sorry to gush, but couldn't help it.


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