Friday, July 24, 2009

What Kind of Camera Do you Use?

I get that question a lot!
Needless to say, most professional photographers giggle a little inside. I personally think it is fair to say, taking a photograph is not even 50% about the camera you use.
There are a lot of things involved, but I thought I would give you some tips to see if you can become a better photographer.

(I also will be putting some on the Glow blog, about how to make your wedding day photos turn out just how you want them).

1. Do buy a great camera. Because it is a large part. You are not going to be able to take really great clear, bright photos with a cheap camera.
I shoot with the Canon 5D.
I love Canon products. A 5D is an SLR camera. Which means I can change the lenses (among other things).
Lenses make a huge difference in what my photos look like.

2. Buy a book! (Cause there is a lot to learn).
I shoot in Manual Mode.
Which means I control everything. This makes a huge difference in pretty much everything about a photography. Color, lighting, focus...I pick it all. If you can pick up some info. and try it. You will see a ridiculous difference.

3. Think about your background. Not only about if it is pretty or interesting, but Is there a tree, lamp post, door knob or other distracting object right by your subjects head?Is there a distracting color?Is it cluttered?

4. Think about light. To me that is what it is all about.Where is it coming from.
Do you need more.
Lighting (Sun,Flash,Florescent) affects your focus, color, many things.
Move your subject around until the light falls how you want it to.

5. Think about editing your photos. As a professional, this is a big deal. and I am not just talking about opening it up in Picasa and turning it to black and white.
You want someone who knows how to do some fun and important things.
A photo does not just come out of the camera looking perfect. Sometimes it is almost perfect, but a lot of times it needs brightening, sharpening, and some drama added!

Below is an example of one I was working on today.



This photo actually didn't need that much, but as you will see I lightened it, specifically around their gorgeous eyes, and I added some drama in burning the edges.
I also added something called "Portraiture".
It evens things out, makes skin look perfect and makes the whole photo just plain look finished!

Now, go forth and take great photos!!

(or call me, and I will take them for you. )


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